Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Final Major Project


Ruthless. Broken. Embrace.

Final Major Project


A collection of narrative illustrations based around the words Ruthless, Broken and Embrace. I wanted to try doing something that was a bit deeper than a comic, and tackle something that was more abstract than I am used to doing. So I chose some evocative words that I felt had a relationship, and spun a narrative around them in a concertina book.

I was primarily aiming to depict pain, grief and the process of healing, and one of my main influences and themes within this was the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Part of Kintsugi’s philosophy is about embracing flaws, and turning damage to beauty. I thought it fit quite well with what I wanted to create.

The first illustration was created digitally, using procreate. The second part was drawn on cartridge paper, and I used fine liners for the line work, water-based markers for the colours, and after tearing them up and sticking applying them to the paper, I used red ink pen, black Posca pen and gold gel-pen for the details. The Quadriptych is a combination of fine-liner line work, water based marker and coloured pencils (Polychromos and Caran d’ache).