Level 3 Ext.Diploma in Illustration

Final Major Project 2023

Insidious Villain

Comic cover

Created in Procreate Date: 2023

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Inside back cover details

Printed comic

Insidious Villain

Level 3 Ext. Diploma Final Major Project


This is the small comic I produced for my L3 Ext. Diploma Final Major Project in the early part of 2023.

This is part of an original story I had been writing for a while, and I decided to use the summary and prologue as part of my Final Major Project.

All of the pages were hand drawn and coloured using fineliners and pro-markers, incorporating cross hatching for extra depth and tone. I then scanned and cleaned to remove any artefacts like dust and marks, though I was careful not to changes the linework and fill, as I wanted it to retain its original look. The cover was created digitally in Procreate.

Below is a small selection of draft sketches, process work, thumbnails and research from my workbook for this project. The workbook is A3, and was full, so there was a lot to choose from.

This is a general example of the sort of work I was including in the workbook. In the workbook I also included artist interviews, comic book layouts, examples of expressions and character design, different illustrative styles, and analysis.