Level 3/4 Foundation Dip

Print Making Pathway

Lino/Screen Printing

Lino Print Workshop Follow on Work and 3 Colour Lino Cut Autumn Term 2023

This was the second of my one day Lino Printing workshops. I would like to say I took to lino cutting like a fish to water, but I didn’t. However, I did enjoy the first workshop (which featured a lot of dragons) and this one. Despite the hurdles (my less than wieldy use of the cutting tools) and somewhat shaky printing skills, I was still pleased with the results in the end.

I used a variety of different paper to print on, including paper I had prepped myself the day before to create an ink wash background, and some Khadi paper, which worked really well. I fully intend to do more in this medium as it’s something I would like to include in my FMP.

Screen Printing

Spring Term 2024

(project ongoing)

This is a selection of workbook pages and one printed piece from a four week screen printing project that is the last part of my Print Making Pathway. The project is not yet finished yet, which is why only some of my workbook pages are included.

It started well enough, but I discovered, there is a lot to think about, and keep ones eye on. Mistakes were made. I enjoyed it for the most part, but not sure it’s a medium I will pursue in the future. Time will tell.